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Genpact fully supports the right steps for each client’s journey toward business outcomes, whether that means selective support for some processes where the client requires a smaller scope of intervention, or whether that entails designing, building, operating, and improving global business service centers, operating centers, and shared services. We can provide the necessary people, process, infrastructure and related program management without taking ownership of the “day to day” process operations. For example, we would use our SEPSM framework, provide guidance on organizational best practices, reengineer processes, and provide IT tools, but not necessarily directly run all processes if the client did not require it.


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Unlocking the value within your Shared Services
Early iterations of Shared Services Centers (SSCs) were established with clear objectives: efficiency and centralization in pursuit of cost reduction. Many firms have successfully trimmed costs in this fashion, and the ability of SSCs to generate impressive one-time savings is indisputable. Most Fortune 500 companies operate shared services centers (SSCs) in one or multiple functions. In our view, enterprises that want to derive the greatest possible value from their SSCs and drive a continuous improvement should begin by assessing the maturity of their operations. Knowing where they stand, executives can choose the best approach for optimization and take their SSCs to the next level. Genpact perceives a three-generation approach to setting up a SSC: setup, maturity, and best-in-class.

Leveraging our deep domain expertise and extensive operational experience, we help companies unlock the value within shared services to enable better business outcomes and breakthrough levels of performance.

Genpact supports organizations as they seek to leverage the full power of SSCs at each step of their journey - from strategy building and setup all the way to best-in-class operations focused on increasing efficiency and productivity, strengthening controls, and reducing costs. Driven by a passion for process innovation and operational excellence built on its Lean and Six Sigma DNA and the legacy of serving GE for more than 15 years, Genpact delivers business impact to more than 700 clients from a network of more than 70 delivery centers across 18 countries in more than 30 languages.

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