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The dynamics of a customer’s decision-making process has been significantly influenced by the technological advances of the last 10 years. Search engines, websites, online forums, and social networking sites are gaining significance over traditional channels of information seeking, such as television, radio, and print or direct mail. The customer driven “e-world” provides a wealth of data to organizations that previously only had access to institution-controlled customer data or syndicated research data. Organizations have access to more data, from more sources, which demands innovative methods to garner insights and gain competitive advantage.

In response to these market dynamics, Genpact Research Services have evolved from being a set of discreet offerings to an integrated and comprehensive service solution. This evolution is reflected in our internal orientation where research exists as a standalone practice and includes elements of primary, secondary, and social/online media research, supplemented by transformational tools and capabilities. We help clients gain deeper insights into customers’ attitudes, preferences, and experiences, and help them make smarter decisions.


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Oil & Gas and Energy: Genpact identified potential regional strategic partnerships for a global Oil & Gas equipment company; we assessed China’s Distributed Control Systems (DCS) market, leading to a key acquisition for a global energy company.

Manufacturing and Heavy Industries: We provided end-to-end research support that enabled a global automation major to introduce a new product; we helped a Fortune 500 company formulate their long-term strategic plan by determining potential opportunities in various business segments of interest.

Automobile Industry: We assessed organization-wide perceptions about the quality of management and employee engagement for a global automaker. Trends were analyzed across periods to assess improvements and progress against action items identified and implemented in the past.

Consumer Electronics: Genpact conducted a loyalty study for a Fortune 500 consumer electronics company that featured a combination of face-to-face and computer-assisted telephone interviews in 15 languages to query channel-partners across four continents; this study helped the business understand the category drivers for loyalty across countries; the overall customer loyalty leadership increased from 57% to 81% in three years.


The research practice is focused on providing forward looking, actionable insights to businesses. Our multi-capability model helps clients garner rich insights through an integrated solution or solve specific business problems through standalone practices.

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