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Generating Smarter Analytics

Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across internal business systems and external sources like social media, market data, and syndicated research are creating tremendous opportunities to create insights. However, many organizations are unable to harness the data to create insight, or to embed that insight into business processes to ensure smart decisions – at scale.

Genpact provides a range of analytics services, including outsourcing, from basic data management to sophisticated analytics consulting addressing proactive risk management, enhanced operational efficiency, ongoing market intelligence, and as a result, smarter decisions that drive cost reduction and revenue maximization.

As one of the largest analytics providers worldwide, Genpact combines data-to-insight as well insight-to-action processes enabling the industrialization of analytics - through a joint business and analytics process design, transformation, and technology - for a range of clients from Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Consumer Product Goods/Retail, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Services, and High Tech. A pioneer with more than 15 years’ experience and over 6,500 dedicated associates, Genpact analytics services have been consistently ranked as a leader in this space (see for instance the positioning as part of the “Winner’s circle” in HfS’s 2013 Blueprint Report on Enterprise Analytics Services)


Genpact offers a range of analytics solutions for a few select industries.

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The above industry-specific analytics outsourcing solutions can be customized and integrated with offerings across Primary and Business Research, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Data Management, Content Solutions, Media Monitoring and Measurement, and Social Media Analytics.

Our approach is a uniquely process-oriented one, leveraging effective technology while ensuring the agility to adapt to future needs.

Data-to-insight is an analytical process. However, such process is only part of the analytical enablement that an enterprise needs – the other part being the ability to embed, in a scalable and timely way, such insight into business decisions at every level. We call this second macro process insight-to-action. We design, transform and enable business process to ensure both data-to-insight and insight-to-action are cost-effective and agile – two critical characteristics in our uncertain and ever-changing times. Our services range from basic data management to advisory services directly impacting an organization’s business intelligence and analytical capabilities.

Our unique approach is supported by specialized, process-oriented groups focused on quality, transition, training, and technology innovation. Additionally, we work on innovative business and commercial models, including gain-share and pay-per-use models that provide maximum business impact and flexibility to our clients.

Smart Decision Lab
Genpact’s Smart Decision Lab has been created to facilitate collaboration and innovation with clients and industry experts, leveraging the combination of data and analytics with process expertise. Physically located in Bangalore, India, but operating virtually around the globe, the Smart Decision Lab was incubated to create new lines of competency, build solution prototypes, test and experiment new business use cases, and develop intelligent technology applications—making them especially relevant to business so that companies can make smarter decisions.

The lab is comprised of PhDs in quantitative methods, data and algorithmic scientists, big data specialists, BI developers, technical solution architects, and data modelers. It develops competencies on open source technology, such as Hadoop and R – which enables solution development activities in Master Data Management (MDM) and data quality, intelligent systems, big data analytics, prediction and optimization, business intelligence and reporting, and mobile analytics.

The lab has collaborated with clients to develop industry- and client-specific solutions such as: a customized marketing campaign management platform to improve response rates; a text mining engine to improve First Call Resolution (FCR) in contact centers; an incentive compensation solution to drive sales force effectiveness. Also, while working with two leading investment banking clients, the lab applied analytics, processes, and technology to solutions that linked several disparate systems within the clients’ businesses. The Genpact approach combined big data, including the clients’ financial advisors’ behavior pattern analysis, portfolio data, and text mining, with their communication platforms and trade reconciliation data, in order to enhance sales performance, while improving their compliance and risk detection systems.

The lab is also working on solution areas aligned with the overall portfolio of Genpact solutions, such as supply chain optimization, fraud management, compliance monitoring, feedback solutions, and enterprise search and collaboration.


Genpact’s analytics and research practice, thanks to a distinctive approach to data-to-insight as well as insight-to-action enabled by a unique focus on business processes, has demonstrated measurable business impact to clients across its range of services—data management, business intelligence and reporting, research, advanced predictive analytics services, and analytics consulting services. 

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