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Companies globally are facing increased supply chain complexity (global footprints, reduced response times, cost and demand volatility, complex supplier landscape) putting pressure on key financial metrics e.g. cost of procured goods, logistics, manufacturing; working capital and cash flow. This has led to heightened risk profile of supply chain and related financials.

Companies with significant asset base (inventory, transportation, facilities, etc) and high working capital tied up in operations across industries like  Hi-tech, Oil & Gas (upstream), Chemicals, Pharma, CPG, Equipment and Discrete manufacturing, Logistics/warehousing/ distribution are more impacted. Traditional methods and processes can no longer address these challenges and deliver results. For insight into their supply chain costs and ways to improve margins, companies need in depth supply chain analytics.

Genpact's Supply Chain Decision Services enables CXOs to achieve cost visibility and optimization through supply chain analytics across:

  • Demand and Inventory Management
  • Sourcing
  • Logistics


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