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Operational Risk Management

Generating Risk Management Impact

Genpact’s Enterprise Operational Risk Management solutions are based on years of process excellence. They include specific operational process reviews, Risk Control Evaluation and Self Assessments, Credit and Collateral Management, Data Integrity, Analysis and Validation, Business Continuity Planning, Capital Assessment and Risk Mitigation and Fraud Risk Assessment services.


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Genpact combines process expertise, information technology and analytical capabilities with insight gained from deep industry experience for global delivery. We provide end-to-end and specific components or operational risk services aimed at enabling clients to enhance their enterprise wide risk management capabilities.

Genpact Operational Risk Framework
Genpact takes a structured approach to operational risk management that starts by reviewing the existing risk management framework. Using Risk Maps, Risk Heat-Maps and control self-assessment, we identify key processes and their inherent weaknesses. This allows us to provide qualitative analysis, identify causes of loss and missing controls, and develop metrics and dashboards for use in forecasting and preventing risk. Through this process we can critically evaluate existing Risk Control Self Assessments (RCSA) already established and recommend and implement improvements. Operational Risk Models are back-tested to determine predictive quality and stress-tested to provide a clearer picture of potential exposures and to verify compliance with industry and regulatory requirements.


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