Multi-Channel Customer Service

Call Quality Optimizer

Generating Smart Contact Center Impact

The operations aspect of voice-contact centers is an integral part of the client experience and can drive significant impact via revenue conversion. However, many contact centers suffer from suboptimal call quality due to inadequate tracking/monitoring tools and processes, and insufficient resources. Genpact's Call Quality Optimizer, part of our multi-channel customer service Intelligent OperationsSM solutions, improves call quality through segmented monitoring, better analytics, and identifying structured training needs. We generate impact by increasing visibility and control of multi-location centers (in-house and outsourced) and ensuring sufficient investment in and attention to strategy in order to correlate call quality with business outcomes.


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Genpact designs, transforms, and runs intelligent business operations, using advanced operating models that help our clients manage cost, risk, and compliance across a range of functions. Our Smart Enterprise ProcessesSM proprietary framework effectively integrates technology and Data-to-Action AnalyticsSM to drive improvement and growth. Among our solutions for customer experience management is the Call Quality (CQ) Optimizer, which improves call quality metrics through our 5-step methodology, specialized practitioners, and analytical tools.

This innovative customer service outsourcing solution encompasses experienced coaches, specialized analytics and call-monitoring technology, and access to a global virtual call quality factory.

Genpact's 17 years of Lean Six Sigma–based process expertise in running contact centers has made us a market-leading practitioner. We service more than 15 million end customers, and our quality coaches evaluate more than 70,000 calls per month. Our expertise has improved call quality across multiple industries and regions. We generate impact quickly because our business domain expertise and experience in running complex operations drive our focus on what works and make transformation sustainable.


We commit to improving call quality metrics (e.g., CSATs by 10–15%), which leads to increased customer retention, improved revenue conversion, and a reduction in delinquencies. Results from this focused approach to customer experience management are typically seen within three months.

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