Media Services

Post Production

Generating Media Impact

At NGEN, we provide Non Linear Video Editing for both long and short format programs on Final Cut Pro and Avid. We also prepare Broadcast Masters conforming to channel styles, technical specifications and operational guidelines. Broadcast Masters are prepared in Standard Definition and High Definition, with stringent quality check on technical parameters.

NGEN’s studio is equipped with facilities that enable Dubbing & Mixing on Pro Tools 7.4.2, Audio Mastering & Mixing on Pro Tools 7.4.2 as well as Music & Effects Recreation for both film and television.

Visual Effects
NGEN currently provides Animation, 3-D Modeling & Motion Graphics on Maya, AfterEffects, Combustion & Adobe Premium. Additional capabilities can be added on specific client requirements.

Graphic Design
NGEN’s graphic artists provide branding and packaging animation using AfterEffects and 3D Max. We also create end to end online campaigns in both Flash and HTML design.