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Database Management Services (DBMS)

Generating Digital Impact

With the increasing complexity of operations and the supporting technology, database support costs are taking up larger portions of IT infrastructure budgets, reducing the budget for new initiatives. Thanks to practices that draw from technology, lean management as well as functional and industry specific expertise, our database management services are better aligned to business objectives, and as a result more efficient and effective.

With over 500 ERP environments and over 10,000 databases managed across global delivery centers, we enable organizations to simplify their database maintenance, reduce the effort spent troubleshooting database issues, and reduce database support costs (by up to 40%). This results in higher investment in projects of future business value.


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Managed services (run operations)
Fully managed services (16x5, 24x7) in areas such as database monitoring and maintenance, backup/recovery, database performance, management and health checks, database reliability, scorecard frameworks, database incident, and change and problem management.

Remote database monitoring as a service
Database monitoring and maintenance, flexible resource models, self-healing and incident reduction frameworks, and wide (24x7, 16x7, 16x5) coverage from multiple delivery centers across the world, depending on the business context.

ERP database administration
Design and engineering services, ERP/database monitoring and maintenance, fusion middleware integration and support, database and application clones, patching, third-party bolt-on integration, and support.

Specialized database services
Database assessments, data center migration, consolidation, database upgrades and cross-RDBMS migrations, database/data recovery design and implementation, archival and data purging strategy, high-availability implementation, platform migrations, performance and security assessment, and cloud migration.

Database appliance, big data, and cloud enablement
Cloud database administration, database migration and support, ERP/database migration to cloud services, and in-memory database administration.