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Industrial Asset Optimization

Generating Smart Asset Optimization Impact

Capital-intensive assets, such as those typically deployed for power generation and in oil and gas, involve quick and high return-on-asset expectations from businesses. Even a single hour of unscheduled asset downtime can cost millions to end-customers, in addition to damaging an OEM’s credentials. In the current “internet-of-things” era, insufficient machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, remote monitoring, or analytics can lead to the suboptimal utilization of asset performance data. This means that large OEMs are not realizing potential service cost reductions of up to 20%, revenue enhancement of 10-15%, and 10-15% in asset uptime improvement.

The need for an end-to-end industrial asset optimization offering that can plug these gaps is critical. A solution is needed that designs and implements the right target operating model for OEMs, encompassing aftermarket service processes, IT, and specialized analytics.


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Genpact leverages a 4C framework to build an optimized industrial asset optimization function:


  • Multi modal remote asset connectivity
  • Effective L0 and L1 connectivity monitoring
  • Alert automation


  • Robust data acquisition and harmonization
  • Quality control


  • Remote monitoring
  • Prognostics for asset health management
  • Failure forecasting

Better insights into customer business and outcomes through:

  • Proactive maintenance
  • Improved installed base management
  • Better field service and parts planning
  • Service contract management
  • Operational optimization

Industries we serve: Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Medical Equipment and other Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Genpact enables a quick transformation to an optimized industrial asset optimization function through:

  • Smarter Processes: With the data acquisition and processing steam-lined, repeatable and reproducible business processes can be run off-shore
  • Smarter Analytics: Big Data analytics combined with data mining and predictive modeling provides prognostics which aids maximization of asset uptime and minimization of service cost
  • Smarter Technology: Data strategy including timely data availability, quality, storage and retrieval to propel analytics. Platform and technology tool selection optimizes the implementation cycle
  • Smart Enterprise Processes (SEP) for asset optimization: Business transformation through a structured methodology and usage of benchmarks

What can OEMs achieve?

  • 15-20% improvement in service revenue through increased installed base coverage (upto 100%)
  • 10-15% improvement in service contract profitability through correct pricing and accurate contract risk forecasting
  • 8-10% reduction in overall service cost through remote diagnostics and planned service scheduling; service fulfillment cost reduction of upto 15%
  • 10-15% increase in end-customer asset uptime

How Genpact is different
Genpact’s Industrial Asset Optimization services provide the right target operating model for OEMs with the help of:

  • Unique set of skills combining specialized consulting, focused technology and in depth analytics to defend and increase service/part revenues, reducing operational cost across industrial machinery e.g. aerospace, power gen, oil & gas verticals
  • Analysis done by engineering experts with significant machine context, not just data scientists


Genpact has delivered best-in-class industrial asset optimization programs that have significant business impact and drive competitive differentiation for OEMs.