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Genpact's treasury outsourcing expertise provides our clients with instant access to country- and industry-specific knowledge from more than 200 treasury domain specialists. We design, transform, and run advanced operating models that help our clients streamline processes, cut costs, and drive greater efficiency for every treasury process from cash forecasting to fund accounting services. Our Intelligent OperationsSM approach delivers higher working capital, better cash forecasting, lower risk, and tighter compliance.


Genpact treasury and cash management services support clients across multiple industries, in processes ranging from transactional activities such as accounting for funds movement to high-end services such as liquidity and risk management. We manage all reporting requirements for international product or capital flows as well as country-specific guidelines for transfer pricing.

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Genpact's treasury solutions are supported by our comprehensive Systems of EngagementTM for Record to Report (R2R). This agile solutions layer integrates with our clients' existing systems of records to enhance controllership and compliance, improve the quality of operations, shorten processing times, and facilitate better cash flow management. Our proprietary Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework of smarter processes, analytics, and technology tightly aligns key activities to business outcomes. Whether reducing time to reconcile (TTR) in fund movements or ensuring all accounts are part of a forecasting model, we focus on creating impact.

Our treasury and cash management services encompass:

  • Cash/fund management to help clients save on spread and reduce exposure with individual banks
  • Match funding to help businesses minimize their interest rate risk
  • Cash transactions accounting to coordinate cash management and ensure appropriate accounting and clearing of open items
  • Intercompany current account reconciliation and monitoring to ensure proper accounting of intercompany cash movements and timely resolution of open items
  • Monitoring of equity, investment, and income accounts for funding entities to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Treasury reporting to ensure appropriate statutory reporting and preparation of financial statements and guarantee that mandated disclosure requirements are met (FAS 52, 133/61,115, 157)
  • Transfer pricing reports for multiple jurisdictions, for internal and external reporting compliance
  • Restructuring funding structures to obtain tax benefits
  • Services for currency exposures accounting, including functional support during financial systems implementation
  • Documentation for hedge effectiveness testing

We use various tools and technologies from Genpact Systems of EngagementTM for R2R that are designed specifically for fund accounting services and treasury processes to drive efficiencies:

  • Report (case) management workflow tool: Track completeness and turnaround time for reporting/input requests. In-built audit trails and electronic archives
  • Close management tool: Track scheduled close activities, generate structured reports. Includes an escalation mechanism
  • Web forms: Collect information from requestors and draft parameters for reports

In addition, we deliver treasury services to clients that use a treasury workstation or proprietary and top-of-the-market tools such as SunGard and TMS.


From fund accounting services to risk management to more accurately predicting cash flow, Genpact delivers solid and measurable value to our treasury clients:

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