Finance and Accounting

Financial Planning & Analysis

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) should be helping the enterprise get out in front of its competition. Unfortunately, too often these teams find themselves hindered by diverse systems of records, siloed operations, manual processes, and long turnaround times. Genpact's finance transformation experience encompasses FP&A solutions that automate routine tasks and give our clients the timely, qualitative business insights needed for more confident and effective decision-making.


Genpact reimagines FP&A by combining smart processes, analytics, and technology with advanced operating models. Our solutions are based on our ability - built over 16 years - to design, transform, and run intelligent business operations for clients across a wide range of industries.

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Income statement analysis
We comprehensively examine various cost and revenue components in multiple dimensions to understand variances and provide business insights.

Balance sheet/cash flow analysis
Proactively spotting changes in the company's financial position helps avoid reporting errors and maintain competitive advantage.

Group consolidation
These activities help clients attain process standardization and automation, in turn driving efficiencies that reduce rework, streamline reporting, and break down silos where information and revenue often get “stuck."

Planning and budgeting
We support businesses with accurate forecasting of operational outcomes in financial terms. Predictive analysis, “what if" analysis, and simulations are some of the means through which we partner with our clients to generate business insights.

By leveraging centralized data warehouses, enhanced visualization, and report rationalization to reduce ad hoc reports, Genpact FP&A services provide more accurate insights, faster, with greater accuracy. We have extensive experience servicing clients with multiple ERP systems and business intelligence tools (Hyperion, BI, BW, Cognos, Oracle-OFA, ADI, and Discoverer).


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