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Generating Digital Impact

Enterprise technology systems today must accelerate time-to-market while minimizing costs and risk, control and manage global operations, and provide the foundation of all data-driven decision making.

Genpact's unique process-oriented approach - encapsulated in the Lean DigitalSM approach and the Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) frameworks, helps apply technology and analytics in ways that are most aligned to optimal business outcomes. The result is an ability to achieve business impact in a more agile, lower-cost, and time-effective way.


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As one of the world's largest Oracle applications consulting firms, our Oracle expertise includes the following:

  • Consulting and blueprinting, including process reengineering-backed ERP roadmap and blueprinting, and global transformation program management
  • Enterprise solution deployment, including value chain planning and execution, product lifecycle management, Oracle apps testing, and function-specific solutions, such as procurement, leasing, and human capital
  • Application management and support services focused on stable engagement, defect-free transition, and lowered cost of ownership that improves productivity

Our SAP expertise includes the following:

  • Process/advisory consulting and strategic assessment for clients with our proprietary Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework
  • Design implementation, M&A integration, and global roll-out support ranging from planning for an SAP deployment (including evaluation, strategy, and planning) to creating templates for global rollouts. Our delivery approach and framework, enabled by accelerators and custom toolkits, drive strategic impact for clients' long-term corporate goals
  • Application maintenance and support through our Smart OPEX framework enables us to implement our traditional share services and factory model in leading operations supplemented by our methodologies, such as our ShiftLeftSM framework
  • SAP instance migration, consolidation, and optimization including a well-developed base of standard operating procedures based on our Lean upgrade methodology, which builds on SAP's own ASAP methodology
  • Testing services, enabled by a large pool of SAP testers, are the backbone of delivering cost-effective engagement to customers
  • Data migration services leveraging the pool of best-in-class methodologies and experts to deliver cost-effective complex data migration with numerous source systems across the globe
  • End-user adaptation and proficiency enabling clients to adapt SAP pragmatically in their daily operations

Supported by tools and frameworks such as AppReadySM (a deployment accelerator that delivers a 20% to 30% reduction in time and cost), GenLeanSM (an upgrade assessment framework that decreases cycle time and costs by 25% to 30%), and ERP Health IndexSM (framework that delivers a 20% improvement in performance metrics), we generate impact quickly because of our business domain expertise and experience running complex operations, focusing on what works and making transformation sustainable.