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Generating Smart Procurement Impact

Direct procurement functions are responsible for a large part of an organization's cost of goods sold. With inefficient processes, buyers can spend up to 40% of their time on non-value-adding activities. Reducing the costs associated with direct materials and services can significantly affect your organization's profitability and working capital management.

Genpact's procurement services span the purchasing lifecycle, from demand planning, forecasting, spend analytics, and inventory optimization to direct sourcing, logistics, and order management.

Our experienced team of commodity managers, analysts, and buyers apply our Systems of EngagementTM framework and Lean Six Sigma approach to deliver intelligent operations and improved business outcomes.


Genpact designs, transforms, and runs intelligent business operations. By combining our Smart Enterprise ProcessesSM framework with core IT, Systems of EngagementTM, and Data-to-Action AnalyticsSM, we offer direct procurement solutions, and deliver enterprise-wide visibility of your processes across the supply chain.

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Forecasting, planning, and inventory management
Our materials planning, demand management, and inventory optimization services reduce surplus inventories and potential raw material stock-out scenarios to ensure the availability of materials for the manufacturing process and high customer service.

Careful spend management reduces costs by strengthening spend analysis, price negotiations, and supplier performance.

Genpact manages more than US$1.5 billion of inventory and 2 million stock-keeping units in 500 inventory locations for clients across sectors.

Direct sourcing
Genpact handles more than $2 billion of spend and manages more than 250,000 purchasing transactions a year. Our direct sourcing solutions include design, supplier and commodity strategy development, demand management, transactional sourcing and procurement activities, value redesign, and sourcing quality services.

Strategic sourcing – Through our integrated sourcing, analytics, and engineering services, we apply strategic sourcing levers to your business, such as effective category sourcing (auctions and rationalization or volume bundling), material cost analysis, market intelligence and spend analytics, new vendor introduction, and low-cost country sourcing

Tactical sourcing – We offer requisition and purchase order (PO) management by streamlining transmission, supplier acknowledgement, conversion, and amendments. We also support suppliers with invoice and payment status, and resolution.

Logistics and fulfillment
We work to enable on-time supplier deliveries, and the expedition and delay of deliveries to match product demand.

To manage supplier performance, we apply a scorecard to measure the delivery and quality of materials and compliance with procurement policies, which reduces delinquency by getting the right products to the right place on or before the promised date.


Our process excellence capabilities and functional expertise deliver direct procurement outsourcing solutions and intelligent operations.

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