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Generating Smart Aftermarket Impact

Emerging from back-to-back global recessions, amid volatile markets and growing competition, manufacturers and retailers need agile processes for parts management, service operations, service contract management, and installed base management—in short, an overall intelligent approach to Aftermarket Services (AMS). Many are now constructing thriving business strategies on the foundation of efficient systems for managing inventory and AMS models that address fundamental challenges such as disparate processes, lack of visibility into service costs, and installed base data.

Genpact offers a unique model for aftermarket services that focuses on maximizing service revenue and reducing service costs to make AMS a profit center. Our service delivery model centralizes and standardizes processes to enable more effective local execution. We enable superior field service management as well as end-to-end support for contact center processes, service contract management, warranty management, parts, and installed base management. We refer to this unique process execution framework as a “Service Factory,” and our approach drives higher efficiency and effectiveness in managing processes across the entire AMS ecosystem via the proper mix of people, processes, and technology. Our industry expertise is both deep and broad, and includes Healthcare, Industrial Equipment, Aviation, Energy, and Automotive.

Our Six Sigma-driven processes focus on customer-centric metrics, such as First Time Fix and First Call Resolution, to drive higher customer satisfaction, long-term loyalty, and increased revenue. Our AMS solution integrates multiple legacy and web-based technology systems to eliminate inefficiencies and provide fast access to information. This results in better end-to-end service revenue management, more accurate inventory forecasting and control, and more effective—and less costly—service operations. 

We know from our 15 years of applying Lean Six Sigma principles to drive business process optimization that better service comes from focusing on the entire service lifecycle rather than any single part of it. Our Aftermarket Services solution, therefore, is enterprise-wide and drives down service costs at the same time that it increases operational efficiencies at every stage of the service supply chain. It includes outcome-driven effectiveness projects, a focus on removing bottlenecks at the sub-process level or at functional interfaces, and deployment of selected technologies.


Genpact Aftermarket Services span the entire lifecycle of AMS operations, delivering 10% to 15% improvement in service profitability.

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Our solution leverages our proprietary, Six Sigma-based methodology, Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM), which applies deep industry and market analytics to forecasting and inventory control, focused IT solutions to enhance end-to-end operations, and reengineering of all processes to deliver key business outcomes such as:

  • Improved Service Revenue: up to 25% higher
  • Reduced Service Cost: up to 20% lower
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: up to 10 Net Promoter Score (NPS) points

From comprehensive parts management to service contract management to better field service execution, Genpact AMS peer deep into every process to optimize the entire service supply chain:

Our implementation/execution model encompasses:

  • Service execution and support through the “Service Factory”
  • Implementing the “right” KPIs and metrics through AMS SEPSM
  • Enabling service growth through contract and installed base (IB) expansion


Using SEPSM to optimize everything from installed base management to field service management, Genpact AMS has been instrumental in generating high revenue streams, reducing costs, and providing superior business outcomes for our clients.