Design Thinking

Bridge the digital divide

Why Innovation-by-DesignSM?

Large, complex enterprises struggle to adapt to changing market dynamics at scale.

Customers experience expectations have skyrocketed, and some disruptors are successfully attacking incumbents. Regulation pressure has increased. All this in a very uncertain business environment. Yet the flow of work that supports the ability to execute at scale across these three mandates is fragmented, hamstrung between an often modern front-end, and a very manual and often dated back office.

This challenge has stubbornly resisted traditional transformation methods, and is a the root of a “digital divide” between leaders in adoption of digital technology and analytics, and the majority of enterprises.

Why do we need design thinking?


What is it?

Innovation-by-DesignSM, the design-thinking driven approach to innovation, addresses these issues by aligning the organization end to end. It applies practically design thinking principles, often well understood by marketing groups but frequently foreign to mid/back office professionally, and enables all of them to align and transform the customer experience, end to end.

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How is Innovation-by-DesignSM different?

Innovation-by-DesignSM leverages Lean Digital’s four pillars. Design thinking practices encourage a deep understanding of the people involved in the flow of work, and quick iteration of ideas, and facilitate step-change ideas and fast cycle experimentation, by leveraging a powerful combination of:

Lean Principles

Fostering an end to end, agile approach

Domain Expertise

Reflecting the deep understanding industry and functional specifics

Digital technology and analytics

Harnessing the most relevant and advanced solution

Generating Impact

Radical innovation and unprecedented customer experience is no longer the precinct of startups.

  • A consumer products global leader reimagines mature and complex order management to boost retail client value and better compete on data in unpredictable, promotion heavy environment
  • A life science global leader rethinks parts of procurement cycle to significantly enhance budget adherence and compliance
  • Financial arm of global auto manufacturer reinvents client experience during origination phase of its financial products

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